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Berries & Bubbly Hand and Foot Treatment

Berries & bubby Hand & Foot Treatment. Immerse in a refreshing bubbling fizzer soak bath that relaxes and invigorates. A sprightly sugar scrub made with Square One organic vodka and raspberry extract, thoroughly banishes dead, dry skin and hydrates deeply with natural oils. A light drizzle of melted shea, cocoa and mango butters makes for a lavish finale like no other! 


Bananas Foster Whipped Mousse Massage

This massage is quintessential for winter worn skin just looking for a touch of soft and a dash of youth. We begin with a steaming compress or Vitamin E coconut oil and the mouthwatering scent of a bananas foster dessert – without the calories, of course. This kneading begins with a feathery mousse massage. The scent sweeps over you with warm notes or oats and milk, while peptide-enriched emollient oils help to plump, glow and erase the look of fine lines. 

50 minutes  $70

80 minutes $100

Chocolate Banana Bread Body Defroster

All wrapped up in pure bliss! Begin with a brown sugar and rice bran oil scrub to leave you smooth as silk! Skin is then painted with a repairing chocolate and fig vitamin recovery serum- helping prevent the look of wrinkles, while adding antioxidants along with vitamins A, E, and K to help even skin tone. You’re then envelope into a steaming compress to nourish and moisturize from your to your shoulders – fragranced with savory notes of toasted banana and cream. 

50 minutes $75

80 minutes $105

Chocolate Fig Fondant Body Wrap & Massage

You are cordially invited to the most decadent winter wrap of the season! A rice bran oil exfoliant greets you – clearing away the tough stuff before you’re painted with a firming chocolate and fig serum to help prevent the look of wrinkles, while also giving skin a toasty drink of vitamins A, E, and K. This kneading is a blend filled with peptide-enriched emollient oils to give skin a fabulous glow!


A Kiss of Bliss

Swoon into a spicy-sweet cinnamon soak as skin is nourished and warmed by grapeseed, olive fruit and orange peel oils. Then, an organic shea butter sugar scrub – you’ll fall madly in love if you’re not careful – transforms rough skin into baby-soft newness. You’ll be painted in an antioxidant-packed CoQ10 cocoa treat – with a devilishly decadent chocolate softening mask. A white coconut and pineapple scented shea and cocoa butter massage finish leaves you in bliss. truly delightful. 


Red Velvet

Indulge in the sweeter things in life with this elegant massage, so soothing even Cupid will be jealous! This rubdown features the cinnamony scented Red Hot body oil, a carefully crafted blend of olive, fruit and grapeseed oils that is deeply steamed into a sultry towel compress. Bask and enjoy the warm, nourishing wrap. You're then massaged with a whipped shea butter that smells reminiscent of a whoopie pie. The result? A moisturizing and skin texture improving, decadent body delight.  

80 minutes  $115


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bliss

Enter a very dark chocolate place! A Sweet Cream sea salt exfoliation smooths all the rough spots. Next, a warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted over every inch, then you're wrapped in a hot Butter Brulee whole milk wrap. Skin is left to nourishing delight with antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes from the softening mask. Last, a dollop of delight! A whipped Shea butter and live strawberry fruit cell massage brings deep, luscious hydration. 

90 minutes $150

Skin Care Services

Skin Care is offered with Katelyn, Heather and patricia

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